profiles for the industry

As a global leader in the development and production of aluminium extrusion and machining, the Klil Group specializes in manufacturing finished aluminium products that are ideally suited to any number of industries.

Our dedication to keeping abreast with the latest technologies and attentive approach to customer needs has made us the preferred source for extruded aluminium products for customers in Israel and around the world.

Exacting standards have guided the company's operations since its founding in 1950, while a dedicated staff of 250 professionals masterfully orchestrated development and manufacturing at our two state-of-the-art production sites.

All Klil Facilities adhere to ISO 9002 standards.

Our comprehensive in-house production capabilities together with post-production finishing services provide customers with the ability to tailor products to their own unique requirements. In-house production also enables us to guarantee the quality of our products.

Klil offers customers a full service package making Klil the ideal source for all the customer's aluminium needs:

  • Specific design according to customer requirements
  • Dies' manufacturing in-house 
  • Profiles' extrusion
  • Paint / Anodize finish
  • Drilling, clearing and assembly line
  • Shipment to customer


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