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Info center

Info center

What will your consultation with Klil include?

  • Detailed explanations of all types of windows and doors on display
  • Technical consultation and architectural design for all your home openings
  • Recommendations on systems, accessories, coatings and colors
  • Preparation of a technical specification by computer ("aluminum list"), needed to obtain a price quote
  • Exact instructions on how to verify you receive a product made of original Klil profiles, accessories and paint
  • Referral to multiple Klil Authorized Installers near your home
  • Sample contract to be used with your contractor
  • Explanation of the profile verification examination at your home


When should I go for this consultation?

We recommend you go for your consultation in the early planning stage of your new or remodeled home - before you contact your aluminum contractor.


What should I bring to the consultation?

We recommend that you bring the aluminum specification you received from your architect; in other cases, you should at least bring a list of openings with measurements, and preferably also the house plans.


Three steps to Double Warranty

Klil has put in place a unique, innovative service offering for construction companies and contractors, named "Three steps to Double Warranty". In this offering, Klil accompanies the construction company / contractor from initial contact through project completion and award of a Double Warranty certificate for both windows and installation.

Step 1 - Schedule a personal consultation with a Klil consultant in one of the Klil showrooms. This consultation is free of charge and without any obligation.

Step 2 - Select a Klil authorized installation professionals for project delivery. Klil has authorized select window installation professionals and refers all construction companies / contractors to these Authorized Installation Professionals.

Step 3 - Verification test and award of Double Warranty certificate (for both products and installation). Once the work has been completed, a certified professional conducts a verification test on site - and then they receive the Double Warranty certificate by mail. 


Dear construction and remodeling professionals, On our website you can find: a photo gallery, product catalogue, current drawings for viewing or download, glossary of terms, articles, information about the Klil Authorized program and about our Double Warranty.

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