Coatings and colors

Klil's color catalogues have been developed as part of the company's innovative approach and thanks to the constant pursuit to provide customers with comprehensive solutions adjusted to their needs.

Klil's color catalogues include 23 unique shades in two textures:

Iron grainy finish - finishing with a fine roughness and "ferro "look

Fine Iron - subtle metallic finish with a metallic appearance and smooth texture

* Due to display constraints, matching the colors displayed on this page and the real life colors is not complete.

Before selecting the shade, you may want to see samples of painted profiles found in showrooms and by professional installer.

Importat notice

Klil's dies and coatings are manufactured according to the highest standards in order to provide a quality product over time and meet the stringent requirements of the Standards Institution of Israel.

Please note that some environments can be corrosive (high salinity and / or very acidic) and cause wear to the profile finish. There for you must chose an appropriate profile finish, with improved features for such climatic conditions. It is the customer's and / or project manager's responsibility to choose appropriate finish for the environmental conditions.

It is advised to consult with the professional in charge of the project (architect / supervisor / engineer) and even the finish / paint manufacturer, regarding the choice of coating for the windows to make sure it is suitable for the climatic conditions in which the house is built.