Authorised Installer

How to select an aluminum installer?

This is a tough one! There are over 2,500 installers in Israel.

Klil has put together a nation-wide network of Authorized Installers.

All Klil Authorized Installers comply with Klil's strictest standards and are provided with assistance, training and continuing training by Klil instructors, for a high-quality product installation.

When you hire a Klil Authorized Installer using our three step process, you can rest assured that we have tested, on your behalf, both the professional skills and the quality of service offered.

This is the only way to be eligible for our integrated Warranty certificate.

Important! Our list of Authorized Installers is dynamic; so before you order the work, verify with the Klil service center (at *8555) whether the aluminum installer is indeed a Klil Authorized Installer.