The Benefits of Klildoor

  1. A perfect fit for any home opening

Klil DOOR had four families: Office, Belgian, classic and art. So you can match window and door design including colour and handles.

  1. Formica and glass paneling in a variety of finishes: matte, glossy, smooth textures and prints.

 An extensive collection to suit any personal taste and style.

  1. Different paneling inside of the room and in the public area.

The modular structure allows flexibility to design each space individually. For example, the colorful panel that matches the inner side of the child's room will not limit the side of the door facing the public space, where you can chose a lighter shade and matching the interior design.

  1. An individually design door, glass panel printed with a requested photo.

The glass panel enables a variety of designs combining images, colors and imagery depending on the style and taste of each client. Each member of the family will be able to design his/her unique and personal door.

  1. Achieving a completely new look by replacing the panel.

When you want to renovate or redesign the room or the whole house, there is no need to replace the doors. You can easily replace the panels and enjoy a completely different look.

unctionality: visible doorpost | covert doorpost | overt or concealed hinges.

6. Adjusting the door of your house architectural requirements, design and budget. Doors easy to operate, made of aluminum (which does not rust), and acoustic insulating materials.

  1. The doors are manufactured by the window Doors commissioned  from an authorized installer Enjoy Klil's "integrated guaranty" according to the "three steps" customer service.