Shutter box

There are several types of rolling shutter boxes, whether external or internal. An internal case can be visible or hidden. The box type selection will be dictated by the architectural requirements, personal taste, and budget constraints.

The case size is determined by the selected slat type and height of the opening. It needs to contain the rolling shutter scroll. since the scroll diameter is affected by these figures and other elements it is advisable to consult a licensed installer regarding the wall thickness required and other appropriate preparations of the walls.

here are several types of rolling shutter cases:

Florence, a hidden shutter case system - the shutter operating mechanism is hidden inside the wall. the service opening is on the same level as the inner wall, painted as wall and therefor disguised. When needed, the cover is opened by pressing.

Rollbox, a hidden rolling shutter case

A rolling Shutter case with a flat cover on the wall. The box cover is painted the same shade as the wall and blends in. The case is easy to operate and provides acoustic and thermal insulation.

Monoblock rooling shutter case:

A visible box with an aluminum cover with the shade of the window, installed above it inside the house.

Kill Rome – an external rolling shutter box system:

A visible box. The box cover is installed outside the house above the window. It is recommended to place it under the pergola, which will hide it to achieve a more aesthetic appearance.