Klil Touch is a family of sliding systems for extra-wide openings. The heavy wings are moved by the slightest push, thanks to a unique technology.

Klil Touch windows are carefully designed with a sleek, high-end look to contribute to the open atmosphere inside the house, bringing in light and allowing for comfortable exterior-interior continuity.


This mechanism is presented in the Klil Office 2200 designer system of sliding doors and windows for large openings.

The door / window wing presented may be up to 3.3 meters wide, 3 meters high and may weigh over 400 kilograms.

The system is operated by special rotary handles installed in the Klil Office 2200 system. This handle allows for fully sealed "lock" position and for easy movement in "open" position.

With Klil Touch you can enjoy a large window which opens with a slight sliding move.