Important recommendations

Important recommendations for consumers ordering aluminum work


Free consultation - schedule a consultation with one of our professional consultants, preferably during the planning stage. Our consultant will help you in selecting the right products for you and in preparing an aluminum specification to be used for obtaining price quotes from aluminum contractors.


Referral to aluminum professionals - during your consultation, our consultant will refer you to authorized installers near your home who have received professional training from Klil and have the required knowledge and equipment to carry out the project.


Selection of aluminum professional - it is important to select an aluminum professional who comes recommended by previous customers. We suggest you ask the aluminum professional to see some of their completed projects.


Profile coating - all Klil coated profiles are stamped for identification:

verify that all profiles are stamped - not just the external frame.

Insist that these stamps are only removed after the windows have been installed in your home.

If the stamps have been removed without your approval, schedule a verification examination.


Another unique Klil identification - every profile we make bears an identifying mark consisting of 3 stripes. These stripes are on the inside and are visible before the product is assembled. Therefore, we recommend a visit to the aluminum installers when they put together the windows – A reputable installer would encourage you to visit during manufacturing.


Beware of knock-off imitations - when signing the contract with the aluminum installer, demand they only use products made of original Klil profiles, paint and accessories.


Verification examination - Klil offers its customers a service by a Klil expert, to allow you to verify that the product you have received actually consists of original Klil profiles and accessories.


This service is provided at no charge to customers who have contracted a Klil Authorized Installer and have signed an original Klil contract with this professional.


To schedule a verification examination, click here.


Below are some points to keep in mind when contracting with an aluminum contractor:

  • Windows / doors to be manufactured only from original Klil profiles
  • Fixtures, accessories and seals to be original Klil approved products
  • All profiles to be coated or painted by Klil and in all cases, the identification stamps may not be removed without customer approval.
  •  When ordering shutters, the slats are to be made of extruded aluminum or roll formed shutters manufactured by Klil. In case of electric roll-up shutters, only an original KlilControl motor should be installed.
  • When work is complete, the final installment (about 20%) may be contingent on a verification examination of the profiles, to be conducted by a Klil expert (see under "Verification examination").