Verification examination

Klil invests millions in developing its products: windows, doors and shutters.

Unfortunately, in Israel and overseas there are some who falsify and copy Klil products. In most cases you, the customer, are unable to verify whether or not you received the original Klil product you have ordered.

Klil is addressing this issue in several ways: Both by legal means and personally, by providing you, our customer, an appropriate solution.

For your peace of mind, Klil trains Authorized Installers who are committed to providing only original products to their customers. Furthermore, Klil professionals conduct verification examinations at customer homes.

What is a verification examination?

  • Klil offers its customers a service by Klil experts, who would verify that the products you have received is made of original Klil profiles, accessories and paint.
  • This service is provided at no charge to customers who are interested in the 7 years extended warranty


 For your peace of mind, schedule a verification examination to ensure only original products have been installed in your home.


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