Klil Manhattan 8100

Product description

  • Characteristics:

A straightforward system, easy to manufacture and assemble, suitable for public, commercial, residential and private buildings and more. This series offers high levels of sealing and reliability, and a range of accessories is also available.




Standard glazed curtain walls. Two-sided structural glazing curtain walls. Structural glazing can be combined with completely hidden Tilt & Turn windows.



Can be integrated with other Klil series:

Casement windows: Klil Classic 4400 and 4500, Klil Office 4700 and 4750, Klil Iron Style 4300, Klil Super-Thermal 4600. Hinged doors: Klil Classic 2000, 4400 and 4500, Klil Office 4900. Sliders: Klil Office 2200 and 9200, Klil Classic 7000 and 9000, Klil Village 5000, Klil Super-Thermal 9100, Klil Iron Style 1700. Klil Coating Panels: Alucobond, Terracotta, Proderma and Trespa.




Available in all Klil colors including the Klil Iron range (textured colors) and Klil RAL series.




6 mm to 32 mm glazing options.




The first to be tested and approved by the British CWCT, meeting its strict standards for curtain walls.