klil classic 4400

Product description

  • Description:

A lightweight, high-quality system of hinged doors and casement windows, with various opening options.


  • Characteristics:

Optimal solution for standard residential buildings. Saves costs by using the same profile for window frame and casement. Glazing rails available in rounded, square or angled finish, identical in appearance to Klil Classic 4500.


  • Colors:

Available in all Klil colors including the Klil Iron range (textured colors) and Klil RAL series. We recommend using Klil Metal colors to achieve a clean appearance.


  • Glazing:

3 mm to 33 mm glazing options.


  • Blinds:

Can be integrated with most systems of blinds.


  • Application:

One to four casements, opening inwards. Tilt window, opening inwards or outwards. Tilt & Turn. Can be combined with stationary panels