klil classic 9000

Product description

  • Description:

A series of sliding windows and doors for large openings or locations exposed to strong winds.


  • Characteristics:

The highest levels of strength and durability. Especially well sealed and stable for long-term reliability. The wheels are designed to carry up to 240kg for each panel.


  • Colors:

Available in all Klil colors including Klil Iron colors (textured colors) and the Klil RAL series. We recommend using light colors or Klil Metal, giving a clean impression.


  • Glazing:

4 mm to 36 mm glazing options. Alos available - double glazing with Phoenician blinds.


  • Blinds:

Can be integrated with most systems of blinds.


  • Application:

Two to four sliding, overlapping panels. Four or six sliding panels on two or three tracks. Sliders into a single or double pocket. Can be combined with stationary panels.