klil office 9200

Product description

  • Description:

A system of sliding doors and windows for mid-size and large openings.

  • Characteristics:

Appropriate for luxury apartments, private homes, public buildings and offices.
The wheels are designed to carry up to 240kg for each panel.
Special tracks to prevent scratches and applying better sliding quality.
Reinforced profiles for heavy loads.
Long-term reliability, sealing and convenience.


  • Color:

Available in all Klil colors including Klil Iron colors (textured colors) and the Klil RAL series. We recommend using light colors or Klil Metal, giving a clean impression.

  • Glazing:

6 mm to 37 mm glazing options.
Also available - double glazing with Phoenician blinds.

  • Blinds:

Can be integrated with most systems of blinds.

  • Applications:

Two or three panels sliding one in front of the next.
Four to six sliding panels on two or three tracks.
Can be combined with stationary panels.