klil office 2200

Product description

  • Description:

A system of heavy-duty sliding windows and doors for especially large openings, or openings exposed to strong winds.

  • Characteristics:

Wide profiles for heavy loads.
The wheels are designed to carry up to 250kg for each panel.
The system is designed for the highest standard luxury apartments and hotels.
Ingenious sliding mechanism utilizing the "lift and slide" system ("Hebeshiebe") for maximum ease of opening.
Quality accessories produced in Germany.


  • Color:

Available in all Klil colors including Klil Iron colors (textured colors) and the Klil RAL series. We recommend using light colors or Klil Metal, giving a clean impression.

  • Hardware:

Heavy-duty and luxurious, considered the best hardware of its type in the world.

  • Glazing:

8 mm to  29 mm glazing options.

  • Blinds:

Can be integrated with most systems of blinds.

  • Applications:

Two or four, sliding, overlapping panels.