Klil Nof 5400

Product description

  • Description:

An advanced system of casement and fixed windows and doors for large openings  in a minimalistic style. 

  • Characteristics:
  • Windows and floor-to-ceiling windows in a narrow look, clean design and a minimalist look, with no horizontal divisions, maximum view.
  • - An option to paint the opening sash in a different colored from the window to create a unique look.
  • - High quality central sealing system against penetration of water and air that allows high thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • - Specially designed to complete the Klil 9400 sliding system for maximum flexibility in the design of openings in the house.
  • - Suitable for harsh weather conditions.
  • - Full accommodation for luxury apartments, villas, public buildings and offices.
  • - A perfect aesthetic combination with the venetian blinds systems
  • - Hidden glazing beads that allow smooth front design and minimal exposure of seam lines.



  • Glazing:

Up to 47 mm glazing options. Also available - double glazing with Phoenician blinds.

  • Colors:
  • Available in all Klil colors including Klil Iron colors (grainy colors) and the Klil Fine Iron series (grainy look with smooth texture).
  • Blinds:

Can be integrated with most systems of blinds. 

  • Applications:

Casement windows, opening inwards.

 Tilt windows, doors, opening inwards.

 Tilt & Turn.