About the Company


Klil Leads the Design of Aluminum Windows and Doors in Israel - Klil was established in 1950 and currently has more than 300 employees. The company's plant is located in Karmiel. The company's shares were originally issued to the public during 1981, and its shares are now traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Daboosh Investments Group holds about 60% of Klil's shares, with the remainder held by institutional bodies and the public.


Klil was chosen and has received an exclusive license to produce and market aluminum products and systems produced by ALCOA – the world's largest aluminum producer.

Roll Profile Ltd., a Klil subsidiary develops and manufactures rolling shutter systems.


Klil – Constant Growth – Klil is a fast growing company and each year launches innovative and sophisticated products and services while emphasizing unique solutions for niche products and the ecological building sector. Klil develops, designs, manufacturers and markets sophisticated aluminum systems for the building and industry sectors, according to the most stringent standards possible – windows, doors, curtain wall systems, shutters, railings, internal partitions, insulated systems (for thermal insulation), as well as various profiles at the customer's request.


"Three Steps Towards an Integrated Guarantee" – Klil has developed a unique and innovative service track for builders and renovators, entitled "Three Steps Towards an Integrated Guarantee." Under this service track, the builder/renovator benefits from full attention, from the initial contact and up to project completion. Thus, the builder/renovator receives professional direction and the best and most appropriate solutions to his needs.

  • First step – coordinating a personal meeting with a consultant at one of Klil's showrooms (the meeting free of charge and obligation).
  • Second step – choosing a Klil-authorized installer for the project. Klil has selected, authorized and monitors leading window installers to be Klil-authorized installers, and refers builders and renovators to them.
  • Third step – an inspection and receipt of an integrated guarantee, which covers Klil's overall responsibility for components made by Klil and the authorized installer's responsibilities for the other components of the installation. After work completion, an inspection is made on site, to ensure that Klil-original products were indeed installed. The inspection is made by an authorized professional, and the customer receives a certificate of integrated guarantee.


At the company's internet site (www.klil.co.il), builders, renovators and other professionals can find – a picture gallery (updated regularly), video clips, product catalogs, updated technical drawings for downloading and viewing, a dictionary of terms, articles, information on Klil-authorized plans, details of Klil's integrated guarantee, and more.


Klil DOOR – In 2014, Klil launched its new product line - Klil DOOR - stylish aluminum interior doors, which allow an absolute match between each house opening - doors and windows. The rich collection allows for various and fashionable collections of Formica and glass coverings in a rich range of finishes: one can combine different coverings inside and outside the room, and if that was not enough - to replace the covering when renovating or redesigning the space, in order to obtain a completely new look.


Klil GLASS – Klil, for the first time, offers complete and qualitative solutions for all home openings, and offers this innovation in glazing using its Klil GLASS product family. Klil GLASS is supplied as part of Klil Systems and bears a unique identification stamp to ensure product authenticity. The consumer can choose the appropriate Klil GLASS product, according to environmental conditions, design, and budget. The Kill GLASS product family has four lines: Clear - for maximum transparency (in combination with improved thermal insulation), Energy - for energetic filtering (in combination with improved thermal insulation), Acoustic - for enhanced acoustic insulation, and Multi - a combination of all of the above benefits, plus upgrades.


Klil and the Smart Home – Klil is the exclusive representative of NICE, a global company. Klil imports a wide range of NICE innovative products and integrates them in Klil products, under the "KlilControl" brand name.


KlilControl - Sophisticated Shutter Motors

  • Integrated control systems, allowing for remote control of shutter actions.
  • Integration of climate and safety sensors.
  • The "KlilControl" family of products enables builders and renovators to benefit from products manufactured using the best global technology, and the best Italian designs, all as part of Klil's guarantee.


Klil and the Environment – Klil is a member of Israel's "Green Building Council" and complies with its most stringent standards for maintaining air and water quality and ecological manufacturing processes. During the manufacturing process, stress is put on • Painting without any chromatic substances • The use of recycled materials • Operating electricity-saving systems.


Klil and the Community – Klil has always considered support of the community as an integral part of its strategy. In 2013, Klil received an award for its leading position in the community and the environment, for its unique contribution to environmental quality and to nature, for employment of workers from diverse populations and those with special needs, for the purchase of "Made in Israel Blue and White" products, for accessibility standards, for embedding social responsibility principles at the organization, for promoting technological education and employee development.


ATTORNEYS S. Friedman    ACCOUNTANTS Ernst & Young Israel – Kost Forer Gabbay & Kasierer    ADVERTISING Glickman, Nettler, Samsonov

ADDRESS P.O.B. 659, East Industrial Zone, Karmiel 2161601    TEL 972-4-9900201    FAX 972-4-9900255    E-MAIL info@klil.co.il    WEBSITE www.klil.co.il